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Заприс и забаррикадируйса \\ от страшного коронавируса

Print advertisement by Y&R, Argentina for Tulipan

Antivirus Bra

Berlusconi’s Antivirus Mask

Antivirus Compromising Mask – Valery Tarasenko

Art of Kissing – Yana Tarakanova

Love in the Time of Co…vid-19 (from Francesco Hayez’s The Kiss) – Tvboy in Milan (Italy)

Stanley Morner and Betty Furness rehearsing a love scene with masks on their mouths. Antiseptic masks were used against the dangers of the flu by actors during the rehearsing of love scenes. The masks were taken off when the camera was rolling – Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone

Sunday Sport story about a couple of ‘holidaymakers’ who were busted trying to escape their coronavirus-hit hotel by the tan lines left by their face masks

Italy Under Glass – Libération newspaper (France)

Antivirus Tampon for Mask

Norton AntiVirus Mask

Antivirus Lemon Mask

Fits any head – Leo Burnett for Playsafe

Some People Should Never Have Been Born – Platinum FMD

Antivirus Bag

Antivirus grocery shopping

How-To Survive a Deadly Global Virus – Max Siedentopf

Antivirus things

Anti-Corona Heineken

Antivirus bottles

Anti-virus in Vancouver (Canada) – Photo: Lynne Carter

Antivirus diving mask – Naples (Italy)

Antivirus Salami Mask by Lorenzo Chini – Gaiole in Chianti (Italy)

Antivirus Orange Mask

А это, как легко догадаться, антивирусные маски из пластиковых бутылок
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